Sunday, August 29, 2010

dust again

i had been forgotten my blog again and again...
actually nothing to be write in my blog.
some people will write about their life..
unfortunately, my life do not like my blog title, so interesting as FLOWERS

few weeks back, my relationship had dilemma..
until today, still will feel unsecured.
is he my right guy? i don't know.
primary frens told me to let go, but is it that so easy can be let go?
when thinking of he cannot give the thing i want, shall i reconsider this relationship?

Who can tell me?
i think no one, except me.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

miscellaneous update

long time din update this blog until i forgot my password..

2nd June,
primary friends came over kota kemuning for my birthday celebration.
Yoke Ping, Jacky, Pei Feng, James, Li Wei, Zi wei thanks lot.
bought a RT Pastry Green Tea cake.. yum yum..

3rd June,
surprise from my babe.. flowers delivered from Blossom
thanks babe.
office celebration, another surprise from Sok Fung.
chocolate cake.
thanks Sok Fung, Jess, & Wern
Dinner at Yuen Steamboat Sunway.
Jess, Sok Fung, Wern, Wong, Steven, Grace, Yan Yan, & Sue..
present -black handbag.

4th June,
dinner with Babe at Jogoya..
expensive and good environment
thanks again Babe..
i knew this month you PK liao

5th June,
dinner with wern's parent & cousin's family & uncle.
also pig, miss gui , & miss GAGAGA
thanks for the ice cream cake and also the elephant shell dinner.

above were my birthday celebration for year 2010.

12 June,
B*SI company annual dinner.
1st time performance for department, haha.. got 2nd prize .. surpise
lucky draw. dun have my name there.. i think they are playing cheat
and also the manager not sporting also.. keep sendiri the lucky draw..
after dinner,
clubbing at OPERA @ Sunway with
Sok Fun, Wern, Hao, Chelven, Alan, Steven Lim, n some SKL (duno their name)
finally i dapat masuk into Opera without paying.. Yeah

13 June,
dumpling.. making dumpling at home..
so from now until duno when need to eat dumpling..

THE END.......

Sunday, March 7, 2010




姑姑:明天要帮同事庆祝生日, 在coffebean旁边


Saturday, February 27, 2010

the worst valentine dinner

yesterday was celebrating my valentine day because on actual day was busy due to CNY.
therefore, decided to celebrate on Chap Gor Meh Eve.

thought he will gave me some good idea or surprise where to dinner.
but when he reach my home, see his attire- normal T-shirt and short pant.
before he came im thinking to dress up nicely and put on make up
had bought a dress from Ada last year but until now not yet wear,
but too fat already, not nice. so just wear jean and shirt
since he wear short pant, i give up to dress up myself.

saw The Star newspaper got one Subway voucher,
buy one free one..
took out to reserve for next time meal,
who knows, that is my valentine dinner.

the whole nite , i didn't talk much
watch 花田喜事2010
this movie was funny,
i laugh but after the movie,
my face become black again and keep quiet again.

told him about the condominium,
he gave me thousand of reason..
fine, i know now is not the time to buy house.
but dun give me so many reasons.

maybe just buy myself.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

open work lunch

today office had a chinese new year open work lunch at Friends Restaurant, Kota Kemuning.
this place quite nice, the foods taste good but the price is bit expensive (in my opinion la)
Open work Lunch suppose manager or head department treat the stuff lunch or dinner.
but this lunch we need to pay RM20/person then the balance will be bare by the TWO MANAGERS

Lao Sang again.. this time not bad the taste and the portion very big.
everyone make a wish while "LAO"..
my wish is... make more money, slim more.. (^o^)

that chopstick is use to "LAO SANG" one.. very long..
like goreng "yao char keuw"

this dish is good.. got tau fu , prawn, vegetables, etc..

basically the foods ok, recommended to go there.
and below the restaurant is a bakery cafe.
cakes there not bad and reasonable price.
my mum told me that the set lunch there also not bad.
the bakery cafe and Friends restaurant is same owener.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Human Day - 7th day of CNY

haha.. Yean you will feel surprise le?? why i suddenly post so many le??
since you complaint that i had been long time din upload my post, then now i ma post many many lo..

ok back to my post.

i always hope that my dog can accept by my parent. (for those new reader, i called my boy friend as my dog - no hard feeling, just that his nick name is sin chan's dog)
i always plan some dinner together him with my parent. (but he always don't want to join)

So, i had successfully get him to treat my parent a dinner on the 7th day of CNY.
1st 1st i think just simply go outside and call some dishes eat,
but my mum had saw a advertisement- Esquire Kitchen have promotion.
fine.. i booked the table for 6 at 730pm.

Now my anger start....
my dad was playing golf that day, and already sms him, but he said he don't know about the dinner. FINE.. he said will be back at 645pm
therefore, my dog, my grandma, and me go 1st to take table.
reached there and jalan a while. about 720pm go take table. and sit there wait for my parent come.

wait until 810pm, only reached the restaurant. i already start to become black face.
ask the captain to served the dishes...
walao.. this time my volcano had explored.
wait almost 1 hour the dishes only served one by one.
some more give me stupid reason: the fish is still frying, other dishes already done, we will serve once the fish done.

the package is suck.. 6 dishes 1 dessert total RM 128 (only foods, not include drinks and rice)
have one fried Fish (don't know what taste, abit sour abit sweet abit spicy. the fish not fresh at all..conclusion.. SUCK)
one toufu (consider ok)
another toufu again (taste ok but two toufu, you think im monk meh?)
one chicken fillet (taste like the fish also.. got pineapple.. also SUCK)
one pork rib (taste ok)
one prawn (taste same like fish.. also SUCK)
dessert is longan water....(sweet like hell)

my dad angry, i also more angry. i belanja you makan you dun cakap banyak banyak la..
i wanted to tell him that..
the dinner suppose is happy one but become volcano explosion.

i swear i wont go to Esquire Kitchen take their package ever again.

3rd day dinner - yu shang at Chung Wa Lao

this yu shang was the worst i had before.
salmon not fresh and had some strange smell, the "kacang" not hard enough, etc..
the restaurant full of people and not much waiters serve us. ( no angry because is CNY and people also need rest, can forgive them la)
the package of the dinner i think quite expensive, anywhere not me belanja or paid. hehe
the foods there.. ma ma jor... not that good as last time.
but there still full of people.. wondering why....
next time go other place eat..